Two new albums from our amazing 2009 Valentine’s Day Show

We had three bands in the lineup for our 2009 Valentine’s Day show, and two recorded albums for us to put on Jamendo.  Here’s some music from some new upcoming and very talented performers.  Tim Showalter and Audrey Ryan are writing singing some of the most memorable new songs.

Strand of Oaks is Timothy Showalter, an Indiana Mennonite turned Pennsylvania Hebrew Dayschool teacher who even drives the school bus for extra cash (and has sing-alongs with the pupils as they ease on down the road). Taking cues from such luminaries as Neil Young (On the Beach era) and a burgeoning Springsteen, Showalter extends his musical gesture and searches to find modesty in the midst of confusion, addressing insecurities and settling existential debt with a simple and beautiful delivery. The personification of a Midwestern Grandfather’s advice, his songs smack with hard truth and poignant severity, from child-like naivete to heart worn wisdom… sparse guitar, hammond, rhodes and wooden instruments support an atmosphere that is tender and raw, at times uncomfortable, shockingly candid, and unforgettable.

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And here’s one blogger’s review of Strand of Oaks:

Maine native Audrey Ryan performs solo shows with instruments that include an electric Japanese axe, a vintage Gibson acoustic, a retro 80’s era Casio keyboard, and of course, an accordion. Surrounded by a cacophony of musical influences from an early age, this talented musician was inspired to begin playing guitar at the ten and experimented with different genres throughout college. After graduating, Ryan started a band and has been performing and touring ever since.

“Ryan is an intriguing new singer….She is a jazz-pop artist whose influences would appear to range from Joni Mitchell to Edie Brickell. And she has a high-pitched voice with original phrasing and backup that includes her own impressively syncopated work on electric, acoustic, and classical guitars, as well as her standout violin lines, which lift a song when you least expect it… Ryan has a literary sensibility, writing about the isolation of the computer age, overbearing friends, and the nostalgia of childhood.” -Boston Globe (Steve Morse)

It should be noted that Audrey performs all instruments and sings all tracks live with the help of some electronics.

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