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Monday, February 1st, 2010

Songs of Hope for Haiti is a project to help relief efforts in Haiti.

Please consider making a donation to Partners In Health. Go to their website and learn about the good work that they do around the world, especially in Haiti. PIH needs our support now more than ever during this enormous crisis.

The artists performing on this album are friends of The Nave Gallery, Somerville, MA, USA. Many of them have performend at The Nave in the past. All of them responded quickly and generously with their participation in this project. Please visit their websites for more information.

The album features new songs by:

The Accident That Led Me To The World
Bill Barclay
Yael Bat-Shimon
Allysen Callery
Allison Crowe
Ken Field
Peter Thörn and Jim Goodin
Allyssa Jones
Dennis Moser
Celia Slattery
Michael Winograd Klezmer Ensemble

I hope that you enjoy this album and please give generously to help support Partners In Health.

Thank you,

Randy Winchester
Nave Gallery
Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
January 31, 2010

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Image credit: Photos of Haiti, Digital Library of the Caribbean, University of Florida Digital Library Center, cc by-nc-sa 2006. Remixed by V. Van Sant, cc by-nc-sa 2010. Link to original photo:

Metal & Glass Ensemble – Encore performance at The Nave

Monday, November 30th, 2009

I just finished up editing the recording of The Metal & Glass Ensemble’s CD release concert at The Nave on November 14, 2009.¬† This was a great night, a great audience, and a lot of fun!¬† The church’s big stained glass window, 80 years old, finally got it’s due and was restored to better than original condition.¬† What does this mean for the music?¬† Is it audible?¬† Yes!¬† Certainly!¬† You see, there were large gaps where the leading had buckled, the glass bowed out, and all the rude sounds from outside could be heard inside, and if you can hear them, they’re on the recording.¬† It’s now a lot quieter (and warmer!) in the church sanctuary where the performances are staged.

I’m really happy with the way this show and recording turned out!

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Brown Bird

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

The last several weeks have been very busy for me as I edit and release material that I’ve had in the can for a few months.¬† I recently got the set list from singer / songwriter Dave Lamb for a performance of his group Brown Bird when they performed at The Nave in November 2008.¬† If you like a mix of country and folk with a little beat, this is for you.¬† The carefully crafted tunes can stick in your head for quite awhile.¬† Much of this is pretty upbeat happy sounding music, but some of it has a rather dramatic dark side too.¬† Brown Bird has a lot of fans in the Boston area who turned out to hear them that night, and now that they’re on Jamendo, everyone who couldn’t make it to the show can have a chance to hear them too.¬† Enjoy!

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Two new albums from our amazing 2009 Valentine’s Day Show

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

We had three bands in the lineup for our 2009 Valentine’s Day show, and two recorded albums for us to put on Jamendo.¬† Here’s some music from some new upcoming and very talented performers.¬† Tim Showalter and Audrey Ryan are writing singing some of the most memorable new songs.

Strand of Oaks is Timothy Showalter, an Indiana Mennonite turned Pennsylvania Hebrew Dayschool teacher who even drives the school bus for extra cash (and has sing-alongs with the pupils as they ease on down the road). Taking cues from such luminaries as Neil Young (On the Beach era) and a burgeoning Springsteen, Showalter extends his musical gesture and searches to find modesty in the midst of confusion, addressing insecurities and settling existential debt with a simple and beautiful delivery. The personification of a Midwestern Grandfather’s advice, his songs smack with hard truth and poignant severity, from child-like naivete to heart worn wisdom… sparse guitar, hammond, rhodes and wooden instruments support an atmosphere that is tender and raw, at times uncomfortable, shockingly candid, and unforgettable.

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And here’s one blogger’s review of Strand of Oaks:¬†

Maine native Audrey Ryan performs solo shows with instruments that include an electric Japanese axe, a vintage Gibson acoustic, a retro 80’s era Casio keyboard, and of course, an accordion. Surrounded by a cacophony of musical influences from an early age, this talented musician was inspired to begin playing guitar at the ten and experimented with different genres throughout college. After graduating, Ryan started a band and has been performing and touring ever since.

“Ryan is an intriguing new singer….She is a jazz-pop artist whose influences would appear to range from Joni Mitchell to Edie Brickell. And she has a high-pitched voice with original phrasing and backup that includes her own impressively syncopated work on electric, acoustic, and classical guitars, as well as her standout violin lines, which lift a song when you least expect it… Ryan has a literary sensibility, writing about the isolation of the computer age, overbearing friends, and the nostalgia of childhood.” -Boston Globe (Steve Morse)

It should be noted that Audrey performs all instruments and sings all tracks live with the help of some electronics.

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New Photos from the Last Nave Show

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

These photos are from the spectacular Metal & Glass Ensemble show at The Nave on June 19, 2009.

From L to R:  Grant Smith, Thadd, Comstock, Heather Townsend, Jane Wang.

From L to R:  Grant Smith, Thadd, Comstock, Kathryn Schulmeister.

From L to R:  Jane Wang, Randy Winchester, Philip Lampe, Peter Warren.

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More shows from The Nave on Jamendo

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

It has been a busy couple of weeks as I go though my backlog and ready some of the recordings I still have in the can.¬† At the same time, I’m working my way backwards from some of the recent ones.¬† Here are a couple of the highlights, in no particular order, that show off the wide variety of performances that we have at The Nave.

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is a Boston- and Providence-based ensemble of eight singers devoted to performing sacred a capella vocal music of the 14th Р17th  centuries.  This is a great performance of some little heard vocal music.  It has already received three 5 star reviews in the very short time it has been on Jamendo.

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What the heck is Grizzler anyway?¬† Good question!¬† Grizzler is an improvisation group with a rotating membership.¬† The music is about as freewheeling as you can possibly get.¬† What is interesting about seeing Grizzler live for the first time is how well organized and disciplined they are and how well they play together.¬† Yes, the “noiseconsortium soundbomb” tags on this album are most fitting.¬† I can reasonably guarantee that it is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Time flies like an arrow…

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

… but fruit flies like a bananna!

Whatever!¬† It has been a whole six months since the last ARTSomerville update.¬† Just because there hasn’t been an update, it doesn’t mean that we are slacking.¬† We’ve been very very busy with live shows, many of which have been recorded and will appear on Jamendo.

There are around 10 new ARTSomerville albums on Jamendo since the last blog entry.  Here are some highlights:

Improvising violinist Yael Bat-Shimon’s second album on Jamendo has been getting a lot of attention!¬† She is joined by guitarist Ariel Burger for a new set of virtuoso pieces!
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Ben Reynolds a songwriter, solo steel string guitarist and improviser from Scotland performs a short set of his beautiful acoustic pieces.¬† He’s been getting great reviews from Jamendo listeners!
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There isn’t a lot of classical music on Jamendo, and even less of it is classical music for voice.¬† The recital “Songs in Autumn” has been well received by the fans here.
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Here’s some old school psychedelic jam band music for you!¬† No Such Animal is a collaboration between sax man Ken Field (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic) and guitarist Tim Mungenast, along with drummer Jon Proudman and bassist Michael Bloom.¬† Listening to this, it is difficult to imagine that it was more than 90 F on the hot night that these guys played, and not a gentle breeze anywhere to be found!¬† To top it off, Dr. T projected some crazy video onto the scene.¬†   Royalty Free Music - Stock Music Library | Jamendo PRO[youtube][/youtube]

And there’s much more coming up.¬† In the works now is a rare performance by the vocal group Zefiro performing sacred music of the Renaissance.¬† We’ve recently recorded an encore performance by indie singer / songwriter Tim Showalter and his band Strand of Oaks.¬† We’ve got some other freaky performances in the can from Grizzler.¬† Last week, the Metal and Glass Ensemble played a 90 minute piece that left the audience totally stunned!¬† That’s just what we have in the works now!

Coming soon are new shows by Jason Anderson and some of our other regular performers, so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned!

Welcome to the ARTSomerville Events Blog!

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Hi ARTSomerville fans!

It’s a cold, cold day here in Somerville, MA!¬† 27F, which for the rest of the world translates to – C.¬† It feels much more like -3 to me anyway!¬† It has actually warmed up from -6 C earlier today.¬† It is -10C if you consider the wind chill!

I’ve been using my indoor time productively today.¬† I just completed editing and uploading a new album by jazz singer Sandi Hammond.¬† Sandi’s performance is from May 2, 2008, part of JazzBoston JazzWeek and the 3rd annual Somerville Open Studios Music Fest.¬† Sandi Hammond recently gave another performance at The Nave with pianist Mark Shilansky, her vocal trio E.S.P., and Italian jazz singer Eleonora Bianchini (who I heard for the very first time! Eleonora is a big hit!).

I will be using this blog to inform Jamendo fans of ARTSomerville when I add new albums and to inform ARTSomerville fans of new performances… and to give updates on some of the music happening at The Nave!

Until my next blog entry, be good and stay warm!