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Somerville, MA Wins All-America City Award 2009 – 6.19.09

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Just thought this was worth posting in this blog!  Somerville is a city that supports the arts, and as a result is a very creative, busy and entertaining place to live and work.  I have lived in a lot of towns, but Somerville is by far my favorite!

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Welcome to the ARTSomerville Events Blog!

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Hi ARTSomerville fans!

It’s a cold, cold day here in Somerville, MA!  27F, which for the rest of the world translates to – C.  It feels much more like -3 to me anyway!  It has actually warmed up from -6 C earlier today.  It is -10C if you consider the wind chill!

I’ve been using my indoor time productively today.  I just completed editing and uploading a new album by jazz singer Sandi Hammond.  Sandi’s performance is from May 2, 2008, part of JazzBoston JazzWeek and the 3rd annual Somerville Open Studios Music Fest.  Sandi Hammond recently gave another performance at The Nave with pianist Mark Shilansky, her vocal trio E.S.P., and Italian jazz singer Eleonora Bianchini (who I heard for the very first time! Eleonora is a big hit!).

I will be using this blog to inform Jamendo fans of ARTSomerville when I add new albums and to inform ARTSomerville fans of new performances… and to give updates on some of the music happening at The Nave!

Until my next blog entry, be good and stay warm!